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Cannabis tincture is the oldest and most beneficial form of cannabis use. Cannabis isn’t always true for everybody; With its multiple modes of consumption, the miracle plant offers many motives to strive it. We can consume hashish in special forms: Concentrates, dry buds, edibles, marijuana tinctures, lotions, tropicals, joints, vape juice/oil.

    What are Marijuana Tinctures?

Marijuana tinctures are liquid extract made through soaking the dried hashish flower or leaf in alcohol (AKA ethyl alcohol) to release its energetic ingredients. Most of the time, we use alcohol as a solvent to make Cannabis tinctures. Besides, you can additionally use a high-proof vodka, brandy, rum, glycerin, and ethanol as a solvent or carrier.

Depending on the marijuana pressure we use, we can have two varieties of tinctures: THC tincture and CBD tincture.

Difference between CBD and THC tincture.

THC tincture is a cannabis liquid extract from high THC strain such as Gorilla glue or Skywalker OG. Equally important, they’re rich in Tetrahydrocannabinol, which promotes emotions of calm and relaxation. In an equal way, CBD tincture is a liquid extract from a high-CBD/low-THC stress like AC-DC strain.

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