Mota THC Sativa Tincture 900mg

Warning! Ensure to read the enclosed leaflet before consumption.

900mg THC per bottle / 30mg THC per 1ml dropper


MOTA THC Tincture Sativa are easy and effective features we love in lifestyles and &flip out &in cannabis medication. Medication doesn’t get much simpler than our highest pleasant derivatives with consistent, pure and exactly particular THC and/or CBD are what Mota tinctures deliver.
Mota was commenced as a useful resource for patients they knew as friends, and all their MOTA THC Tincture Sativa products reflect their original philosophy of cautious preparation and devotion to exceptional and purity. The highest satisfactory derivatives with consistent, natural and exactly specific THC and/or CBD are what MOTA THC Tincture Sativa deliver. Discover the Mota difference.

Mota’s Sativa THC Tincture is best for fast, easy, and discreet daylight use. This tincture provides relief from ache and strain while maintaining you motivated throughout the day.

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